Johnny Cinco - Understand Me

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Johnny Cinco - Understand Me (Yepyeni Video Klip) 2015

Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics):

(Verse 1)
I'm in that trap all week 24/7 no sleep
I got new money on me brand new chinchilla on me
Can't trust them niggas 'round me can't trust them bitches 'round me
I ran it up on my own run that shit up on my own
You cannot talk on that phone
I know they listenin to me, Yo bitches listen to me
I send the bitch right to sleep
Can't find no one to compete, I'm in a whole nother league
Young nigga all overseas
In that new 640D (in that new 640D)
Can't find no one to compete
I got no time to chase a hoe
I can't be running them streets
She know I'm all over fa sum, I'm all in London fa sum
All up in Paris fa sum
100 karats fa sum